Author, translator, networker and connector, Susan moved to Germany from South Africa with a background in music, drama and publishing. Focusing on English language media production, specializing in translating and voicing industrial, documentary and feature films, as well as script writing and editing, Susan gained extensive experience over the next three decades working for a wide range of studios, TV networks, advertising agencies and production houses. With the upsurge in computer games, Susan became involved in casting, producing and voicing major projects, also collaborating with leading localization companies. In the late nineties, Susan set up a communications company called The Main Event, where she created, penned and, with her team, produced and performed live interactive events: spy games, crime stories and business theatre as well as film days for corporate team-building, training and incentives. Back in the day, she was ahead of her time: today, similar events feature social media and gamification elements and are now labelled Alternate Reality Games or Transmedia events. 

Susan was instrumental in setting up a media company in the Middle East, during which time her interest in the games industry was sharpened, in particular relating to the development of issue-driven games and other Applied Interactive Technologies or APITs. The technologies afford a range of different approaches to delivering content that addresses issues affecting people‚Äôs real lives (games for health, education, games for change, interactive training simulations etc.). The English female voice for Lufthansa in-flight Video Magazine from 1985 to 2010, Susan may already be a part of your life without you even knowing it: she has addressed you on CNN in Siemens commercials, and may even have told you where to go on your GPS. 

Fluent in German, Susan retains vestigial Afrikaans and has a nodding acquaintance with French. A board member of the British Chamber of Commerce in Germany since 1995, and member of their former Press and Communications Committee, she is also a member of the GAME Association of Germany, a co-founder and now head of their Serious Games Working Group, and a member of the British Association of Journalists.