Business Development and Media Advisory Services:

Business Development advisory services in APITs and media-related fields, with the focus on Europe. 

Applied Interactive Technologies (APITs) & Transmedia Storytelling:

Advisory services for approaches employing APITs, including Games for Health, and 360° 'storytelling' architecture, also for training. 

German / English translations:  

More than just translation: you’ll get true ‘transcreation’ of your German original material in any field: industrial, business, entertainment, cultural, politics, documentary, comedy and literature, corporate presentations, website and correspondence that will speak to your audience in your own authentic style.

Original Script writing:

Original film, TV and documentary script writing and authoring on a wide range of topics - from technical and human interest through historical and sci-fi, to social, medical and other specialized fields.


Voice-over and audio post production. The female English voice of Lufthansa’s in-flight magazine for 25 years, a vast array of commercials, e-Learning programmes, corporate videos and trade-fair films, documentary, wildlife and feature films, as well as character voices for video-games. Listen to some samples at “Voice Demos”.

Articles & Press Releases:

Opinion pieces and press releases concerning a variety of subjects, primarily related to the computer/video games and APITs industries. 

English Fluency Coaching:

Private conversational coaching for senior management, preparing for international presentations or just wanting to brush up idiomatic conversational skills and gain confidence.